DTI paper on oculomotor tracts accepted!

Our paper entitled

Speed of saccade execution and inhibition associated with fractional anisotropy in distinct fronto-frontal and fronto-striatal white matter pathways

authored by

Katy Thakkar, Fiona van den Heiligenberg, René Kahn and Bas Neggers

just got accepted by Human Brain Mapping for publication.

In this study, we explored to what extent saccade inhibition, switching and execution processes, competing for preference in typical search step paradigms, and what anatomical pathways are involved in resolving conflicting situations when reacting in a dynamic world. To this end, we used Diffusion Tensor Imaging and probabilistic fiber tracking of fronto-striatal and intra-cortical pathways, and associated tract integrity with saccade behavior during scanning. We observed that fronto-striatal connections are specifically involved in inhibition of an eye movement, whereas frontal intra-cortical connections are instrumental in initiation of saccades. These results suggest that the human brain contains specific pathways for processes involved in executing, changing and stopping movement plans. For more information, see http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/hbm.23209/abstract .

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