Joost Haarsma


I received my bachelor in psychology in 2012 with a specialisation in cognitive neurobiological sciences. During my bachelor I was also enrolled in both the Freshmen and the Von Humboldt honours program. Currently I’m enrolled in the Neuroscience & Cognition master program. As part of this master program I’m doing a 9 month internship focused on detecting lactate in the striatum and correlate it with certain dynamic causal modelling parameters in a response selection task involving eye-movements.
Within the master I’m also enrolled in the NWO-graduate program, giving me the opportunity to write my own PhD proposal.

Besides my master I'm a board member of the Louis Bonaparte Society

Research interests

- Neurobiology of synaesthesia

- Neural mechanisms involved in the perceptual and behavioural effects of psychedelics

- Neural correlates of consciousness

- Neural circuits involved in sensory gating mechanisms



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