Paper on computational neurostimulation

Our overview paper on the current knowledge of how TMS influences brain activation, including our own modeling and empirical work, has now been accepted for publication in an upcoming special issue of Progress in Brain Research, entitled "Computational Neurostimulation". In this paper, we review current research and clinical applications of TMS, knowledge on how TMS induced electric fields can influence neuronal activation in the cortical layers, and our own TMS current modeling and validation attempts. Also, we indicate what we believe is the way forward in understanding and utilizing neuronal effects of TMS. This is a joint effort by the UMC Utrecht DeNeCor team, a project awarded by the ENIAC joint undertaking consortium, part of the FP7 framework of the European Union.


S.F.W. Neggers,P.I. Petrov,, S. Mandija, , I.E.C. Sommer and  C.A.T. van den Berg (in press). Understanding the biophysical effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation on brain tissue: the bridge between brain stimulation and cognition. Progress in Brain Research

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